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Friday, March 23, 2007


My experience about teen life was something new for me, this project gives me good things and good teachings, and also it gives a lot of problems and headaches. Teen life was a project very interesting, and cool, but I thing that the most interesting of this project is to know and work with other people around the globe. This proyect teach me how to work in groups, and how to work with other people. Also this project give me a lot of headache, because we have to do a lot of things and research a lot, also you have to meet a lot with your partner, that was really bored.

From the TLP I learned a lot of things, like how to use a wiki, and also I learned how to make a documentary, and also to make better research. I learned how to work in groups, and work with people of other places. Also this have their disdvantages, at first this project sound me very bored, I don't want it to do it, and I have a negative atitude, I think that I cannot do it that I was not able to do this, but when the project was going on I was understanding, but when the part of the documentary came on I want it to exploded, but then with my partner's help I get use to it and I understand.

Finally, at the begininig this project was very bored, but then it come interesting. This project bring me a lot of problems and headache, but this doesn't mean that it wasn't interesting. The most ineresting part of this project was to work with other people meet people from very far country. TLP was a good experience that I would never for get.

Friday, March 02, 2007


Hi! I decided to change again my topic of the teen life project to school life. If you search on the web page of my school you can see how it is and the things that it have.

School life is very different in many parts of the world, there are school that are private and other are public, for example here in Cartagena are a lot of public school and normally the people that goes to that school are poor people, but here are little private school one example of private school is our school. Here in Cojowa ( Colegio Jorge Washington) is a school were girls and boys go to the same school, for example here in Cartagena is a school that one is for girls and the other one is for boys, but they are in the same school the only different is that it is spilt in two.

Usually school start at 7:oo a.m. and finish in afternoon. Normally a school is divided in to three sections, the first one is elementary ( from first grade to fith grade), then, middle school ( from sixth grade to eight grade), and finally high school ( from nine grade to twelve grade). On school normally their are two recess. Also school do final exams, almost every school have a locker for each person, and also some school have extracurricular things like sports and more things, also we have the same subjects and all, every school have a dean and the principal. Also a school have a library a cafeteria; in where they sell food and all kind of stuff, obviously a school have a park where little kids plays, and some school have a soccer field and basketball field, and a volleyball and ect.

If you ask any children or teenege, what do they think about school, they would tell you that school sucks and that is very boring, is very extrange that someone tells youthat he or she love the school, childrens allways complains in school about everything like why does put us so much home work and things like that, that is the negative things that a children would tell you about the school, but if you ask them the positive things they would tell you that school is a great experience that in the school you have yor friend of all your life, and that they would missed a lot the school and specially your friends, and also they would say that thanks of school you would have a job.
I think that this new topic is very interesting, because it helps you learn more about the life in the school. I like this topic because you can tell your experience about the life that you on your school, and see the differences of other school and how is there life, and to know how does they feel about school and what do thy think?

I want to expand my research on bullies, because I want o know how does they look like why do they do?. I think that this is important because all the school of all the world have bullies, and this affect a lot on school and in all the world.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Hi! I am changing my topic of the teen life project to eating disorders but specially Bulimia.
The real “name” is Bulimia nervosa many people suffer of bulimia seek out of binge, this people that suffer with these, they will eat a lot of food in a very short time and then they start taking laxatives or self-induced vomiting, they do this because they feel that they are fat and they are not comfortable with their bodies or maybe someone is telling to that person that is fat or something like that, but they are many different reasons to be a bulimic. They also do this to say how they feel about themselves, or how they feel over an event or series of event in their lives. This people suffering of bulimia may beging like to let out your feelings of anger, depression, stress or anxiety.

People that suffer of bulimia are aware that they have an eating disorder. Some of the different behavoir signs are: To eat a lot of rapid food and then take a laxatives or self- induced vomiting, also when you feel that you loose control over your eating behaviors, also to do a diet plan and a lot of exercise that are very strict, an to drink laxatives, diuretics or diet pills.
It is important that you know that what makes a person bulimic, is not the purging, but the cycle of binging and purging. Purging is used by taking laxatives or self-inducing vomiting, but they are other bulimics that use others inappropriate behavoirs such as a lot! of exercise, to burn off the calories of a binge, or fasting day following a binge. Is usual for a man or women that suffer of bulimia to take diet pills to keep from binging, or to use duiretics to try to lose weight. A person suffering of bulimia would hide the food for later binges, and then they would eat them very secretly and this a affect a lot their weight.

Anorexia and Bulimia have their similarities, the both is an illness. Normally this eating disorder occurs when you abuse of the sexual or physical and emotional relation that you have. Also they start being Anorexic and a Bulimic because that person suffer of depression, so that person have to go to a special hospital to help to control their depression. This depression can be the cause of your eating disorder. People that suffer of this have an obsession with this because they whant to lose their weight.

I think that my new topic is very interesting because I would know why does people do this what are there reasons to be a bulimic. Bulimia is a very curious thing to research, there are some people that doesn’t care to much of this but this is a very important thing that people shuold look out.

I want to expand my research of bulimia in what are the reason people do this like their depression and all there emotional reasons.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


I want to expand my research of the teen life project on nicotine, I want to do this because I am interesting what is nicotine what is so bad and what does it effect, and all about nicotine.
Nicotine is a very bad chemical that makes smokers addictive that smoker has been used for thousand of year. People smoke or chewed the tobacco leaves or Nicotiana tabacum.
Tobacco was first found and cultivated in the Americas, because of the discovery and colonization of North and South America, the tobacco plant was exported to Europe and to the rest of the world. Tobacco was supposed to be protective against the ravages of the plague.
Nicotine is a naturally occurring liquid alkaloid, an alkaloid is an organic compound made out of carbon, nitrogen, and sometimes oxygen. These chemicals have a lot of effects on the human body, an example that makes you addictive to the coffee is caffeine, is the same, what makes you addictive to the substance that have nicotine is that liquid alkaloid. Nicotine is make about five percent of tobacco plant. Cigarettes contain eight to twenty milligrams (mg) of nicotine, but only one milligram is actually absorbed by your body when you smoke a cigarette.

When nicotine gets to your body it gets through your skin, lungs, and mucous membranes. Nicotine moves into the small blood vessels that are near the tissues that are above, from there the nicotine travels through your bloodstream to the brain, and then it goes to the rest of your body. The most common way to get nicotine and other drugs into your bloodstream is through inhalation; by smoking it, your lungs have a lot of alveoli, which are tiny air sacs where gas exchange occurs. These alveoli provide huge surface areas that are ninety times greater than that of your skin, and this provide for access to nicotine and other compounds. When nicotine gets to your bloodstream and start to flow immediately it goes to your brain. Nicotine takes a lot of different actions throughout your body what it does to your brain is responsible for both the good feelings you get from smoking, as well as the irritability you feel if you try to quit. Nicotine doesn’t stick around your body for too long.

Here is the process by wich how nicotine gets rid of your body:

· About eighty percent of nicotine is broken down to cotinine by enzymes in your liver.
· Nicotine is metabolized in your lungs to cotinine and nicotine oxide.
· Cotinine and other metabolized can be in your urine.
· The nicotine that is left from your blood goes to your kidney and then your urine is affected.

I think that nicotine is a very interesting thing to research. I was interesting on doing this because I am curious of how does the nicotine works on your body what effects do. I hope you like my research. Know I want to expand my research on what are teens start smoking what are there resons.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


The issue that I want to specialized in my teen life project is about smoking.

Smoking is very bad for humans, it causes cancer, emphysema that are problems to breathe, and heart disease. Smoking can short your life by 14 years or more, but people that get this habit becomes a person addict to smoke, this addiction is very difficult to get out. Once you start, it’s had to stop, because a cigarette contains nicotine, whi is highly addictive, Like heroin or others addictive drugs, the body and your mind become used to the nicotine that a person need to have it just to feel normal. Smoker doesn’t begins as an adult, some statistics show that tobacco users start before they’re 18 years old. They are some teenagers that say that they start smoking because they think it helps them look older, others teen smoke because they think it helps them relax, (when you smoke your heart beats more faster). Others start smoking because their friends start smoking.

Some people specially girls start smoking because they think it may help keep their weight down. Smoking illness like Cancer or lung diseases, cause weight loss, but his is not a good way to loss weight. Also other reasons why people smoke is because their family smoke.
There are not reasons to start smoking, because your body doesn’t need tobacco, your body needs food, water, sleep, and exercise. The chemical that the cigarettes have are lot but the most powerful and addictive is the nicotine and the cyanide, these chemicals are poisons that can kill you in a very high dose. When you take the first taste of the cigarette you feel like your throat and lungs are burning, and some people feel sick or throw up the first few times they taste it. Over the long time they are smoking they develop health problems like cancer, emphysema, organ damage and heart disease. Each time a smoker start smoking that cigarette takes about five to twenty minutes off the person’s life.

Smokers develop yellow teeth, and loose bones density and when this happens it creates a illness called osteoporosis that causes that your bones break more easily. Smokers becomes less active than people that doesn’t smoke because smoke affect lungs power. Smoking can also cause fertility problems in men and women and can cause problem in the sexual health in males.
Nicotine and other toxins can cause the following problems:
Bad breath: Cigarettes leave smokers something called halitosis, or bad breath.
it's hard to get the smell of smoke out.
Greater risk of injury and slower healing time: Sports injuries, can cause damage to tendons and ligaments. Smoking Is Expensive
Smoking is expensive. Smoking not only damage health, it cost a lot of money.

I think that smoking is a very important issue that the world have to carry about. I am doing this resaerch about smoking because I thing that smoke stinks I hate the smell of the cigarette and also I don't like it because when you smell it second - hand smoking happen and is the same has if you were smokin, so I think that smoking should be illegal in all the world, because when you are near a cigarette they are invading your privacy of to smell sopmething good like your enviroment. I hope you like my research.

I want to expand my reserch on why does teen start smoking?

Friday, February 02, 2007


Someone of the teen life wiki asked a question that says what we use for transportation. The person that asked this question is Randy from Mr. Fisher class, so I think that I have the answer.

Here in Cartagena people in general uses as a mean of transportation buses or Taxis, motorcycle, bicycle (saometimes), and they are creating a new project of articulated buses, and obviously we use cars. As I say already on my introduction on my blog here in Colombia, Cartagena mostly of all the people are very poor, so they walk or they take the bus, but some people that live on county that are going to other county some buses doesn't pass in there so they on horses or donkeys. Another way that we have of transportation is like cart with a horse in there. So the horse pull the cart and people sit on the cart.

Here in cartagena thy are trying to continue improving the way of transportation.

Friday, January 26, 2007

places to hangout with your friend

I was seeing the teen life wiki and I saw this question that say “what are your favorite hangout places in your town/city?” This question was posted from Farouk A .I think that I have the answer for this question.

Normally we go to many places, we have many things to do but in here in Cartagena their are not many places to go ( their are places but not for us that we can be alone). Normally we have to stay somewhere near our homes. Some places that we go are Campito that is a place where all the young people meet with their friends (also adults), in there is a soccer field, where you play but you have to pay to play and when you pay you pick a group of people to play and then you pick a team like Barcelona and others soccer team. Also their is a Baseball field to where you play and you have to pay too. Also we go to restaurant like Mc Donalds or Crepes & waffles,
Corral, or Otoyal, and others restaurant but this are the major restaurant we usually go. Also other things we do is to go to the beach, or go to the pool of Club Cartagena. The Club Cartagena is a Club that has a pool a gym a restaurant and more things that that usually a club would have. When we go to the beach one of my friends has a kayak so we take her kayak and we rode it and it is very cool, my friend is called Paulina and she live on front of the beach.

I hope you like what we do usually our weekends with our friends, but this is not the only thing we do, but this are the things that we most do.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

my introduction

Hi! my name is Sara and I live in Cartagena, Colombia. I am 13 years old and I am in seventh grade in Colegio Jorge Washington. Our official language is Spanish. I am Catholic person and that is my religion, Catholic is the major religion of Colombia. I have many hobbies but my favorite is hanged out with my friends and family. Some things that we do is to go and eat on restaurant or walk or go to the beach and pool. Our favorite activity that we do is to go to the beach and go in the kayak and go and do esqui. Some restaurant that we go is McDonalds and Crepes & waffles, and some places that we stayed on the night is the Campito, that is a place where people meet with their friends and they stay in there and talk and you can eat in there, in their they sale pizza's and for the dessert their is Milkshake. Also I do a lot of things with my family like to go to the beach or to go to the church, also to go to the house of my aunt and stay there talking about thing and then we go to eat on the historic Centro that is Cartagena's most historic place. The Centro of Cartagena is very important to the world and for us the, this make Cartagena an important place, the Centro have beautiful restaurant, it have the Murallas that is Cartagena most important monument and it is also very important to Colombia and to the world. My school is for boys and girls. My school is divided in three categories, first is Elementary that start from first grade to fifth grade, the second one is Middle School that is where I am, and it start from sixth grade to eight grade, and the last one is High School that is from ninth grade to twelve grade, in eleventh grade is my big sister. I have one sister and a little brother that is on the nursery, which is for the little kids. On my school we do final exams, we have lockers and student can be on sports and go to a championship that are called bianationals that they do it on cities of Colombia. On conclusion I hope you like my introduction.

Some issues that I am worry about is about poverty. Poverty is very usual in Colombia, poverty happen for lack of jobs. I think that the reasons for lack of jobs is that people doesn’t have education, and this happen because people doesn’t have money. This people don't have resources needed in order to survive. This poor people becomes street vendors that are vendors that put on the street and start selling things like glasses, candy, necklaces and other thing. Poverty is one of the biggest problem of the world.

My next issue is about smoking. I think that smoking is very discusting. I don't know how people like it because when you smell it, it smell horrible. Smoking is something that affects everyone, not only to the one that is smoking, it also affects to the people that are not smoking. Also affects to the atmosphere. I think that smoking is one of the biggest problem of the world. I think that we should pay more attention to Second- Hand Smoking. Second-Hand Smoking occurs when someone that is not smoking is beside a person that is smoking so when you inhale or breath in that smoke, it is like if you where the one smoking so this affects your health. I think that Second-Hand Smoking is worst than if you where smoking. This is something very important that we have to look out.

Finally my last issues are the consume of drugs. Drugs is an important issue that we have to look out. People consume drugs because they put a lot of pressure, this pressure often comes from your "friends", this people that put you pressure are not your friends, this kind of people consume drugs because they feel that they are more big than other people that they can pass through them, also they consume drugs because of depressions and this often pass because you don't have good relation with your family and you have a bad experience when you was little that marks you for all your life. They think that by consuming drugs they would find hapiness. Once this people involves on drugs they can't get out of there.

Overall I hope you like my introduction and my three issues, and you enjoy my post and all my blog. Also I hope you are agree with me.

Monday, November 06, 2006


The Novembrinas is a hollyday, that we celebrated in here in Cartagena. These hollyday last like a week. The Novembrinas is like a party very cool where we celebrated our independence and also in Colombia we choose the new Ms. Colombia and every year we do it in here in Cartagena during the Novembrinas, so we celebrated both so this is very excited. On novembrina that is last like a week, everyday they do a different party, so the last day, of the week is the big day when the new Ms. Colombia is choose it, and they day before Ms. Colombia is choose it they choose Ms. Independence of Cartagena. The different party that they make each different day is a party where they show the different candidate that are participating on each different beauty contest.

The National Beauty Contest, they always do it in Cartagena. In here they come different woman from different department of Colombia and they represent that places. These same thing they do it with the representative of Ms. Independence of Cartagena. The Novembrinas have their disadvantages and their advantages. The novembrinas is celebrated on the month of November, has the name say "Novembrinas" came from the name of November. These hollyday have different parties that are celebrated each different day, in their they show the candidates of each representative. One party very cool is called the Bando. There are two Bandos. One of them is the one where we celebrated the Independence of Cartagena and the candidates that are participating on that contest appear in a parade that we do always. The Bando is a big parade where there are dancing, music, and the candidates that are participating on the contest. The other Bando is the same but the only differences is that are with the candidates that are participating to the Ms. Colombia. They are other party that are like the Balleneras, that is like other parade but the candidates are on a boat, and these they only do it with the one that are participating on the National Beauty Contest.

The advantages, that the novembrinas have is that: people pass a very good time with there families, and children's doesn't have school. Also seeing the woman's more beautiful of Colombia is very cool. Also seeing the one from the Independence is excited. When they are going to choose who going to be Ms. Colombia is very cool. The parades that they make are beautiful people enjoined and the parties too, the dancing that they make are awesome and the decoration too. The Novembrinas also have their Disadvantages: on this hollyday people do a lot of mess, and doesn't behave very good, they make a lot of disaster. For example on the Bando is the party where more disaster they make because people began throwing eggs, water, and something that is called buscapie, this is a Spanish word. The buscapie is something that have the thing that the gun are made so the buscapie is made of that so when you put it fire you throw it and that exploted so that is dangerous, so these make the Novembrinas a disaster. The novembrinas is a very cool hollyday and it have their disadvantages and their advantages

Friday, November 03, 2006

Monsters are Due on Maple Street

The Monsters are Due on Maple Street gives you a lot of messages. In these story they are negative and positive lessons. I think that the most important messages is that try do not lose self- control, because if you lose it you can lose something that is very important that is your friendship. Also if you don't have self-control you can destroy your self and other people. Her is a part of the story that support my message, " With few variations. They pick the most dangerous enemy they can find. . . and it's themselves". These comment support my message because they are saying that they have pick the worst enemy, so that mean that they are destroying their self.

I feel that these message is very important because it talks you about do not lose self- control because you can lose a very important thing that can affect you a lot. These message is very important to life because is something that never change, as if you change your cloth or technology change. This message is to have it updated. I think that is very important that people think like that because is going to help you all your life. So I think that message still have a significance in today's worlds. This is an important message that all people have to be consider.

I think that to make the play updated and to make it more relevant, I think that the first time they have to do is that the T.V play have to be on color. Also people have to look more modern, wear cloth more fashion more modern and updated, their hair cut also have to be modern and more cool. I think that people doesn't know so much about aliens because people haven't seen it and we don't know if they exist or not, but I think that they have to changed the thing about aliens and space travel. I think these because this doesn't sound so realistic, so I think this have to change it and make it more on the real life. Some equipment that will be affected by the blackout maybe the cellphone and computers and thing of technology. I think that to make the story set in a city like New York like something very commercial, imagine a blackout in city like New york! Finally, These story have a very beautiful message.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Halloween is a very cool day, because you can walk with your friends with very cool customs picking up candy in all the houses. Halloween is a day of scaring things like; witches, ghost, Dracula's, and more scary things. The people who do this are the children they love to drees up and take Candy. The boys always dress up of a monster, or like superhero, the girls always dress up of princess or angels. Halloween also have their advantages and disadvantages. These day is a day where you can have a lot of excitement.


Some advantages that Halloween have is that families and children can have a good time picking candy together and singing. Also dressing up is very cool because children and parents make customs with a lot of creativity. Halloween is a day were all people get excited. In the school people decorate their doors, the make dances and plays. They make competitions. In these day people express a lot of there creativity. Also in school they make hunted house which is a close place, that people enters and people that are inside start scaring you and people start yelling out and they scares you a lot.


Some disadvantages are that people start doing bad things they take advantages that they have a mask on. Also some children doesn't obey there parents because they want to go running were there friends are or because they want to go running to the other houses to get the candy, so some parents cannot do this and the children then it can loose, something bad can happen. In Halloween thief and bad people take advantages and get there children they can be keepnick, because the children are more easier to convince that person can get the children and to something inappropriate and go to the house of the children and take all. Halloween in here in Cartagena and I think is not only here is mostly in everywhere it is danger especially to children because they are bad people that are doing bad things in these day so cool. Halloween it became a danger day know parents are worry when these day comes because they cannot take it like a cool day. Halloween is losing that excitement.

Finally I think that Halloween is a very cool day!

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Party Surprise

Ring, Ring Ring, the alarm rang and wake me up, I was very tired and I didn't want to go to the school, I want to stay in bed all day, but the only reason why I want to go is that I'm going to see my friends, and the most cool because today was my birthday!! Then I get out of my bed and take a very fast bath, and then I put my uniform on. Then I went to the kitchen and take my favorite breakfast that is, pancakes, toast, eggs, milo, butter, and jam. My parents said me happy birthday and then I go to school, and I was impatiently to get there.

When I get to school, the only one that I see on the hall was on my friend called Jane, she is a very sweet person, and calm, she have blue eyes, long hair and blond, she is not so tall, but she is very beautiful. When I get to there she was on her locker, my locker is beside her. Then I say hello to her but she ignored me completely. I try again, but she looks me with a bad face. I was surprised I didn't now what was happening. Then I try again for the last time and I said"if you want to say me hello you don't have to do it, but the only thing that I want that you tell me is in where are Andrea and Kate, please tell me", because I know that they would tell me why Jane is like that with me. Then Jane said me " Andrea and Kate haven't come to the school". Then she close her locker and go away. I stay there for a moment thinking what was happening.

The bell rings and I get my books out of the locker. I went all through the hallway, trying to go fast to my classroom, and I was looking if Andrea and Kate were there but I didn't see anyone in the hallway, the only one that was there was me running. When I get to the classroom I was the only one missing on the class, everybody was looking to me I was very shy, the class was very silent you can't hear a sound, there were hundreds of eyes seen to me. My teacher comes toward to me and said me "SIT!!". Then very fast I close the door, I was "scared", and I sit very fast. People was laughing, and I start getting angry.

The class of Literature start, it was very boring like always and I didn't understand nothing. On that moment I couldn't talk with Andrea and Kate because then Ms. Thompson, punish me and I don't want that on my birthday. I was confuse because when the class start my friends ignored me has I was not there and my classmate did it to, anyone there tell me happy birthday and anybody talks me. When the class finish it was recess then I said that these was the moment to talk with my friends. I was thinking that this was my worst birthday that I have!! Then I went again through the hallway, trying to find my friends. I went to the cafeteria, and I found them sitting in a table talking of something with a piece of paper writing all together. At first I was not decide it if I go or not, Then I try to go but when I was walking I stop, and I get back and I said to me " I can not do these" so I go, but then I think why I am going if I haven't do nothing bad in here is confusion and I have to fix this.

So I went there, when Andrea saw me that I was walking towards them, Andrea puts very nervous like if they have saw a ghost. So then Andrea take the piece of paper and grabbed on and make it like a ball and hided, then she tells to Kate and Jane to stop what they where doing and be careful because I was coming to them, then the three saw me and put very nervous, I was putting nervous to. They try to go away but they couldn't because in that moment I was there. I told her" I need to talk with you"they ignored me again I was getting very mad " please tell me what is happening" they try to look to my face but the couldn't. I was putting red like a big tomato and then I said " you three are very STUPID INMATURE girls I am trying to talk with you in a good way but you don't let me another choice that yell out for you can listen to me! There faces were very surprised. When I finish yelling all was very silent and all the people that where on the cafeteria where looking at me all their eyes was on me anybody move everyone was surprised I think that the people was thinking that I was completely CRAZY!

Then Andrea said me "the only thing I cant tell you is that don't worry", "yeah don't worry live these in our hands" said Kate. Then they go, and I stay there for a moment thinking what was they trying to tell me but I was more confuse. Then I go and the bell rang I went to my locker very fast and take my books for the next class that is Science I was very late. My locker was very far from the classroom of Science, I say " completely these is my worst day!" When I was running all my books fall and I have to stop and get the books from the floor, I was late. I start walking not so fast because I was already late so I didn't care about it so much.

When I get to the classroom it was lock, I was very tired and I start to cry, then the janitor told me that we would have science class on the lab that means that I have to walk more but I didn't want to. I know that I have to go so I start walking and walking, I think that these huge hallway would never finish. Finally when I get to the classroom and I enter the lights where off. The I close the door and I said " don't tell me that these is not the class" I say to myself. The lights when over and it was all my friends and teachers and people from the school that makes me a PARTY SURPRISE for me In was very happy I couldn't believe it. Everybody sing happy birthday and my best friends give me a big hug and I tell them sorry for saying that they are stupid immature and they say me that that is OK. Finally we finish with a great day with my family and my best friend.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Arabic and Sea Food my Favorite food

Do you have a favorite food? I do, my favorite food is the Arabic food and the Sea food, I think that are delicious. Have you ever taste the Arabic food? if haven't a recommend you to take a taste of these food. Also the Sea Food is delicious such as, shrimps, lobster, fish, and other animals that lives on the sea.

Arabic food is like weird food, but these food have different combination that give the food a very good taste. The sauce that they put are very unique. The majority of these food are healthy food, and it doesn't increase your weight. Arabic food have very weird name like: Quibble, Tabbouleh, Tajine, and other names that are very strange. Arabic food is common in Cartagena, because Arabic culture is basically introduced by it's food. In Cartagena their are many people that have Arabic culture, in here in Cartagena a know a lot of people that Arabic culture and I am one of that people.

Sea Food my other favorite food apart of the Arabic food. Mumm! this one is delicious. These food is very natural and is a very healthy food, these food doesn't increase your weight. The shrimps, lobsters, fish and other sea food are very good. In Cartagena these is the kind of food that they eat these is the typical food of Cartagena is fried fish and it comes with other variety of typical food. In Cartagena their food is a combination of Arabic food, sea food, and African food, and I love these mixtures. Overall these two delicious food are my favorite food.

Friday, October 13, 2006

A Horrible Christmas

It was Christmas my favorite holiday! For me December is my favorite month especially when Christmas come. I love when we have dinner: (1) Turkey, Pork, Potatoes Salad, Drinks, and more things that you usually you eat in Christmas. Also I love when we decorate the (2) big, beautiful, and colorful Christmas tree. Having Christmas with my family is the best thing but these time my family wasn't complete.

One day my sister wake up wit horrible allergy on her skin, it looks like a lot of mosquitoes bite her, it looks like huge maps on all her skin. These happen the last year after Christmas my sister have a lot of time with that allergy. When we were going to buy all the gift we have to go by(3) car, bus and on foot. When 24 of December came we where (4) excited, but we were worried because we haven't buy the gifts. (5) Then we were organizing about, in what house we were going to meet. So then we decide that in the house of my aunt, I was very excited, I couldn't wait for night comes very fast.

When night came my sister was very sad because she don't want to came out of the house with all the allergy so she said that she don't want to see any body, that she want to be alone. (6)Waiting for the night, I was buying the gift while my sister was on the house suffering with her allergy.(7)Yes, having an allergy is horrible because I always suffer because of allergy so I understand her. (8)When I was on the door, listened to the decision of my sister. (4)My sister said no, because she feel very bad. So then my mom called to my other aunt that was going to, and tell her the problem, so my aunt pick me up with my little brother and my mother says that do not worry because she would came like in 20 minutes to the house of my aunt. Then I do not worry and I went with my aunt when it was like 9:30 P.M. my mother called to us and say to the family that my sister was on the hospital because of the allergy because she have a lot and her pressure goes down was very worried about my sister and my parents, then they say that they would come after 12:oo A.M. In that moment I want to cry but I didn't want too, so I eat and I wait. It was 12:00 A.M. and I start to cry because my parents didn't come, so I think that I pass Christmas my favorite holiday with not my family complete. I was very sad, then my parents came and it was 1:00 A.M. I was happy because they came and they came with my sister, I was excited then we finish all the night in a complete family!!

The Commas:

(1) Series of objects: I use it to separate three or more objects in a series.

(2) Series of Modifiers: Are describing words (adverbs) to use the commas to separate three or more describing words.

(3) Series of phrases: It is like a very
"short sentences", that you use to separate three or more "short sentences" in a series

(4) Series of Independent Clauses: You use a comma when they are a group of words that are related, that contains a subject or a predicate. You have to use when they are three or more short Independent Clauses.

(5) Introductory Prepositional Phrase: Use comma when they are four or more words at the beginnings of a sentence.

(6) Introductory Participial Phrase: Use a comma after a participial phrase is, like a word that modify that complete there meaning or a noun or pronoun, use it at the beginning of the sentence.

(7) Introductory yes, no or interjections: Use a comma to separate yes, no, and interjections, such as oh and well from the rest of the sentence.

(8) Introductory adverb clause: Use a comma ofter an adverb clause at the beginning of a sentence.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hang Out With My Friends

What is your favorite hobbie? Well, I have one that is the one that I most like. Hang out with my friends, Its very cool becuase you are sharing god times with the people you like. My friends and I are so crazy that we have a very good time together. My best friends are Juliana, Maria Paulina, and Camila. They are very cool people. They have a lot of personality and they are very honest. Also I have other friends wich I use to hang out. I also have other hobbies that I also like, like to play football, or watch T.V. etc. However my favorite hobbie is hang out with my friends. I love to go out and to travel.

My friends and I do very cool things when we hang together. Some cooler things we do together is to go eat, to go to the Campito, it is a place in wich young people meet to see some fottball games and baseball games also they go to eat pizza and some ice-cream or to meet togther to hang out. Also we go to the Clubs, we go to the Club Cartagena and sometimes to the Club Union or to the Club Naval, and in there we go to the pool or to eat on there. Overall, hanging with friends it the best hobbie and to entertain yourself.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Sister and my Little brother

On my life I make a lot of mistakes. When I have a problem I frustrated and I stressed, but then I try to calm down and try to solve the problem in other way. Sometimes when I have a problem most of the time I try to solve it inappropriate way that is not correct, and I am trying to stop these bad habit, because when I always used these habit my problems get worse and the one that loose that is me. The things that I used in these bad habit is starting to cry an being a pain for the other people, and especially when I have a problem I always try to be ordinary and I am trying to get rid of these. Sometimes I use different strategies to solve my problems I take different decisions because when I am under pressure I cannot think about my strategies when I am reflecting. When I am under pressure I always try to take the best decision for then the consequence would be so hard.

One day I came from school very tired, that the first thing that I want to do was to go to the room of my parents and watch television in there. That day was a very hard day for me, and I was happy because I wasn't going to have my big sister and my little brother on there, so that means that I have all the T.V. for me! Many people fight with there sister or there brothers for only to have the T.V., so these always happened to me because on my house there is a on the den and one on my parents room, and I always say that I want a T.V. for my room but my parents said no because they think that having a T.V. on our rooms is dangerous for our health. So that day my sister and my little brother come and I tell them that do not take the T.V. because I was there, so then I say that I was going to the kitchen to get something to eat and when I came from the kitchen my sister take the T.V. and I say to give me the control remote but she want too, so I start fighting with her and I insult her and I give a lot of warnings, and she think that if she is older she can have control over me. My mistake was that I dont takr the best decision, and the decision that I have to take was to stop fighting and go to the other T.V. but their is not so cool to go to that T.V. because is a little incommfort, but I doesnt care about that, so in that moment that I was fighting I think that I have to be more intelligent that her, because in that moment I was acting like a little girl of five years old so then I left her the T.V. and I go to the other T.V. and the problem finish and then my mother came and she want to see T.V. in her room so my sister was get out of there and my problems finish and the one who loose was my sister.

My mistake was to not being more intelligent at first, when we start to fight I was trying to get the T.V. for me. Then I fix these problem by being more intelligent and going to the other T.V. and like taht the problem finish. On conclusion when you have a problem you always try to be more intelligent that the other person.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Cartagena a Beautiful Place!!

Cartagena is very beautiful, it is a turistic place. In here many people of others country come here to pass there vacation. Cartagena is a historic and romantic place. A romantic and historic place that makes a Cartagena a special city is there " Centro", and there " Murallas", but Cartagena is not only a very beautiful place it have a lot of problems! People in here doesn't care about the monuments things that we have here, like the murallas people doesn't care about this. The murallas is important to Cartagena because these monument have more than hundreds year, this happens on the colonization time.

Cartagena have there advantages and disadvantages. Their advantages are that Cartagena is city that is next to the sea, so that makes it romantic and special and Cartagena is one of the cities of Colombia that is so near to the sea. Cartagena have a very ig and beautiful bay that is surronding with houses and building. Also Cartagena have big port that all enters there, so that is another reason why Cartagena is so important to Colombia and to people. The turism is also very important to Cartagena because it makes more jobs to Cartagena and more good things.

Disadvantages that have Cartagena. The mayor problem that have Cartagena that in here they are alot!! of poor people the mayority of people in cartagena are poor and doesn't have jobs. The turism is good, but he majority of the turism doesn't give good things to people of Cartagena. I think that this is the major problem of all. I think that these change people in Cartagena wuoldn't damaged the monuments the Murallas that is the most important with the Centro.

I hope when you raed these post you would come and visited these beautiful city that is Cartagena!!!

Friday, September 29, 2006

I Feel Good with my Blog

My expectations of these blog was very good. These blog have some easier things and some difficult things. The easier things of this blog is the posting. To do a post is very easier because you write what you want, and you can exprees your feeling in there. Publishing your post is very easy. Also other good thing about these blog is that your post is saved and you can do any corrections and you can change what ever you want, and fix your mistakes. With these blog you can do a lot of things.

Their are not so much difficult things. At first I was not adapt to it and it was difficult to me but then it became easier and I came use to it. To do a link is difficult because, you have to write like a special code in there to make it. When you adapt to do this new think it became more easier, but to do a link is difficult, because if you write something wrong you have to do it again, so you have to be very careful doing it. I think that that is the only thing that is difficult but the rest ismuch easier.

I feel very good with my blog. At first I think taht this was going to be very difficult and very boring, but it is not difficult and boring. My feelings changes a lot when these blog start beecause to me this was boring , difficult and I think that I couldn't do it, but then a new that was easy and fun. So my feelings change a lot. I feel good and excited with the tecnical part of the blog, to put settings, pictures and links, and to decorate your blogwas very cool and I liked it a lot. I was surprised that I was almost convinced that was going to be complicated and boring but then it was exciting and cool.

I lear a lot about blogging. I learn new things like improving my hand-writting, developing more my creativity, and improving my vocabulary. To do these blog is very cool!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Punta Iguana

Many years ago I went to an island called Punta Iguana, it is a very beautiful place. I went there with my family in the boat of Arnold's family and he invited Miguel. In there were a lot of friends. When we got there, there was Paulina her family, a friend of her. Isabel and Catalina were there too.

When we got there I was surprised because it was very beautiful place. First, you see like a lot of cabanas where you stay on, those cabanas have two floors and have air conditioners and a lot of rooms that are very beautiful and that is on the first floor, on the second floor there is like the balcony and like a little place were you relax and like a little kitchen with a refrigerator and a lot of things and that little houses connects with other houses like from the second floor, and in the little house were I was staying it was the first one and it connect were Paulina's were staying so at night I talk with her, it was cool!!

Punta Iguana has a lot of activities. It has four pools, two jacuzzies, two billiard tables, four tables of ping pong, a very big place were little children can be on it, it have beach, it have kayaks so you can be on it, and in there you can see things on the sea, it have scuba diving, and others activities that are very exciting were you can pass a very good time with your familiy. The coolest pool of all was one that have that have three slides, but one of the three slides one of to you can go down you have to pass to another mini waterslides that is practically inside the other big water slide. In there there is a reception were you can get and sign in for balls and water toys to you can use. Also, there is were people that makes activities with you and makes alot of games. This activities was very exciting and cool.

Finally this place was very cool and exciting. It have a restaurant that have everything what you want! The food was delicious. Overall in here we pass a very good time with my family and my friend. This five days that I pass here was one of my best moments of all my live. I hope that I would came again to visit this beautiful place and I hope to that one day you can visit it to.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I Didn't Like "Three Skeleton Key"

Three Skeleton key is a boring story. I think that talking about rats are not interesting I think that is discusting, but there is a part were the story is "cool".

The part that is cool is when the rats enter to the lighthouse, I think that is the most emotional part of all the story. Then all the story was very boring. This story remind me from a movie that I dont remember the name but is an old movie, that is on real life, that is about a rat that love the cheese, but is about two brothers that in his house it is a rat that makes there lives almost imposible, but on the end the little rat and the two brother finish friends and the two brothers make a factory of cheese.

Three Skeleton Key is similar to the movie because the rats of each one try to make like the life imposible to each other; Like in the story the rats are the one that have the power like the one that makes that the human suffer and the same for the movie because in the movie the brothers are trying to get rid of the rats and in the story to. They are different because on the movie it is more like a comedy movie, because the two brothers do funny thing to get the rat out of there house, so it funny because the little rat is more intelligent that the brothers, so they have a lot of experiences trying to get rid of the rat. So it is different from the Three Skeleton Key because this story is like more suspencefull like more mystery. This story and this movie have there similarities and there differences.

I wonder why the author of this story wants to make a "scary" story about rats. Why does this author write a story about other thing that looks really scary but not discusting like writting about rats.